In the vast realm of organic farming, one name stands out — Airi Külvet. Not only has she been honored with the esteemed title of “Farmer of the Year 2023”, but her dedication and innovative techniques have distinguished her as the source of the beef organs that power the Nutriest supplements. As a trailblazing organic producer, Külvet’s hallmark is her relentless pursuit of novel grazing methods that revitalize meadows, bringing back their lost biodiversity.

Every year, under Külvet’s watchful eyes, a herd of almost 200 beef cattle takes on the mission of restoring areas that have become overgrown, yet are safeguarded by nature conservation mandates. Through her adept grazing strategies, she not only enriches the soil but significantly enhances the environment. The outcome? Meadows teeming with life and biodiversity, which in turn, amplify the flavor profile of the grass-fed beef.

Embodying a holistic philosophy, her farm thrives on organic principles. Külvet, with her unwavering commitment to regenerative agriculture and portion grazing, has set a gold standard, inspiring other producers to integrate these contemporary methods into their operations.

The farm is a sanctuary for multiple cattle breeds, such as Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, and Gallo-Way. Yet, the spotlight is stolen by the exotic Japanese Wagyu breed. Ever the pioneer, Külvet was the first in Estonia to bring in this breed, aiming to grasp its grazing preferences in the local landscape. The verdict? An exhilarating success. The Wagyu cattle, through portion grazing on Estonian lands, yield the globally celebrated marbled meat, akin to their counterparts in Japan.

However, Külvet’s influence extends beyond her farm’s boundaries. A fervent advocate for beef farmers, she has been imparting her wisdom to other producers for numerous years. This year, her unparalleled expertise has earned her the accolade of the best beef producer. She also stands tall as a founding member and the quality head of an Estonian biggest organic beef producer company and has pioneered a quality plan for grass-fed beef. Expanding her horizon to Europe, she represents Estonia in the European Union’s BovINE network, enabling her to bring international insights to local shores.

In essence, Airi Külvet’s progressive journey illustrates the transformative power of passion blended with innovation, reshaping traditional domains and ushering them into a sustainable future.