About Nutriest

We are Ragnar and Aivar, the founders of a small Estonian company, Nutriest. On our journey within the nutrition field, we’ve tried countless diets, regimens and fads throughout the years – vegan, paleo, keto, carnivore – to name a few. We have experienced plenty of failures and successes over the years.

Our passion is growing and expanding daily – we are constantly navigating through the thick jungle of nutritional sciences or looking for the most nutritious food nature has to offer. Along the way, we have gathered valuable advice, knowledge, lessons and experiences, which have made us who we are today. And as we are on a constant quest to improve ourselves, we might as well share this experience with like-minded people.

Our story

In our pursuit of high-quality nutrition, we found a sea of isolated and synthetic nutrients. And life has taught us to stay away from these.

So we decided to do something different with Nutriest. That is why our brand has appetite only for the finest quality organic ingredients, what we source from our local Organic Certified farms. This ensures a wide spectrum of highly bioavailable natural nutrients.

We do all of this to feel more vibrant and energized throughout the day – simply to be more healthy and happy. Our goal is to share it, so you can too.


For packaging, we are keen on using recyclable materials like glass, metal and cardboard – we cherish our mother earth, it’s the only one we have. In short, we are a company who’s primary goal is to provide essential and bioavailable natural nutrients in a convenient and easily usable form.

Innovative farmer behind Nutriest

Meet Airi Külvet: A trailblazing figure in organic farming, honored as “Farmer of the Year 2023.” She’s a pioneer of regenerative agriculture, breathing life into meadows, preserving biodiversity, and crafting premium grass-fed beef. With a variety of cattle breeds, including Aberdeen Angus and Japanese Wagyu, Airi’s farm thrives. Her commitment to helping fellow farmers has earned her acclaim as the industry’s best producer. A cornerstone of Estonia’s organic beef sector, she also represents the nation in the European Union’s BovINE network.

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