Grass-Fed Beef Organs, Colostrum, Oysters (Pregnancy & Fertility), 270 capsules
Grass-Fed Beef Organs, Colostrum, Oysters (Pregnancy & Fertility), 270 capsules

Grass-Fed Beef Organs, Colostrum, Oysters (Pregnancy & Fertility), 270 capsules

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  • 100% freeze-dried to optimally preserve nutrients, minerals, enzymes, co-factors and biological activity
  • Hormone, pesticide & GMO-Free
  • Organic & Grass-fed organs (Certification document)
  • Free from additives
  • All Natural & Non-Synthetic
  • Not heat-processed
  • Undefatted
  • Contains 30% colostrum, 30% oyster extract, 20% beef liver, 10% kidney, 10% spleen

Traditional peoples, Native Americans and early ancestral healers believed that eating the organs from a healthy animal would strengthen and support the health of the corresponding organ of the individual.

Oysters truly are a pearl in our diets. They are one of the most nutritious foods we can eat and provide almost every essential nutrient. Oysters are a natural aphrodisiac and are widely used to increase sex drive and desire by boosting dopamine, a hormone that increases libido in both men and women. Oysters have an abundance of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc, iodine and selenium.

Newborns receive colostrum from their mothers during the first 24–48 hours after birth, and this “Elixir of Life” not only provides naturally produced nutrients and antibodies in a highly concentrated form but also creates the foundation of life-long immunity. Grass-fed bovine colostrum is highly nutritious and offers unique health benefits. It is packed full of immunoglobulins, growth factors, nutrients, and digestive enzymes that stimulate cellular growth, healing, and restoration.

Grass-fed beef organs provide a wide variety of important nutrients for healthy fetal development. They are rich in bioavailable vitamins like B12, A, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and various minerals such as heme-iron, selenium, zinc, copper, potassium and magnesium. Folate plays a key role in fetal growth and development. It’s needed for cellular division, it also contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, healthy homocysteine metabolism and amino acid synthesis. It is needed in the production of red blood cells and helps your baby's neural tube develop into their brain and spinal cord. Having optimal folate levels is important both before and during pregnancy. Supplementation before and during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of neural tube defects, including spina bifida and anencephaly. Keep in mind that beef organs provide naturally occurring folate not synthetic folic acid, which differs structurally and have different biological effects in the body.

Supports healthy pregnancy and fertility

Staying well-nourished while pregnant is vital for the health of your body and the baby. Both macro-and micronutrient requirements increase during pregnancy to maintain maternal homeostasis while supporting fetal growth and development. During pregnancy, more iron is needed to supply more blood and oxygen to the growing fetus and placenta. Selenium is necessary for the normal functioning of both male and female fertility. In addition, selenium contributes to the metabolism of thyroid hormones and protects against birth defects and miscarriages. Of course, all nutrients are important, but these six play a key role in your baby's growth and development during pregnancy:

  • Folate - best sources are animal livers. For example duck, goose, beef and cod liver. We recommend naturally occurring food folate, not synthetical folic acid.
  • Iron - the best type of iron is heme-iron, which is only found in animal products. Mainly in meat and organs like spleen and liver.
  • Calcium - is the most abundant mineral in the body and is essential for many diverse mechanisms and reactions such as muscle contraction, bone formation and enzyme and hormone functioning. Try to get calcium from natural food sources. Mostly found in milk and cheese products.
  • Vitamin D3 - which is technically a hormone rather than a vitamin, is a crucial nutrient. It is needed for a healthy immune system, for the proper absorption of calcium and has a variety of neuroprotective roles. Vitamin D3 is obtained from sunlight and animal-based foods (like cod liver oil and oily fish).
  • DHA  (also known as omega 3) - is essential for the growth and development of the brain in infants. Omega 3 is also required for the maintenance of normal brain function in adults. Omega's are mostly found in fish like sardines, herring, mackerel and cod liver. Also found in fish oils like sardine oil and cod liver oil.
  • Iodine - is needed for the production of maternal and fetal thyroid hormones that regulate the development of the fetal brain and nervous system. Iodine is found in seaweed, kelp, also in cod liver and milk.

Grass-fed: Nothing quite replaces the nutritional density of fresh organic grass that has not been treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Pasture-raised cows are healthier and happier than grain-fed cows, giving you healthier and higher quality organ meats, which hold more nutrients than grain-fed cows.

100% freeze-dried: Freeze-drying is a food preservation technique perfected by NASA. It was essentially devised for spaceflight - NASA looked for ways to provide a complete nutrient profile while reducing crumbs, disease-producing bacteria, and toxins. Freeze-drying also offers the opportunity to have a longer shelf life, quicker rehydration, and preserves the most minerals, enzymes and other nutrients than dehydrated food could. Other methods of preservation, such as canning and dehydrating, use high temperatures which destroys much of the nutritional value. Our organic beef organs have been simply freeze-dried to ensure that the beneficial nutrients remain preserved and highly bioactive.

Capsule form: Provides the benefits of raw grass-fed beef organs in a convenient and easily edible form - without the taste and none of the texture!

Highly bioavailable: Organic nutrients are more easily absorbed and used by the body than their synthetic counterparts. Also, a wider nutrient spectrum helps in absorption.

For packaging, we are keen on using recyclable materials like glass, metal and cardboard - we cherish our mother earth, it's the only one we have.

'Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' - Hippocrates

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  • Serving size: 6-9 capsules
  • Servings per container: 30

Other Ingredients:  Beef gelatin capsules

Suggested use:  6-9 capsules daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.
For better absorption take 3 capsules 10 minutes before every meal.


  • Serving size: 4.5 grams (1 tablespoon)
  • Servings per container: 30

Suggested use: 1 tablespoon daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.
For better absorption take 1 tablespoon 10 minutes before meal.


  • Daily with meals to supplement micronutrient intake
  • Between meals or when fasting to support energy levels
  • Post exercise to support recovery, energy, digestion, and metabolism
  • During cold and flu season for additional immune support